About Us

Who Are We?

Cim & T BV's history started as a contemporary wholesaler supplying upholstery fabrics, decorative fabrics and synthetic leather. What once started as a “one-man show, now has grown into a worldwide significant supplier of upholstery fabrics and synthetic leather. With support of our business partners we belong to significant suppliers of upholstery fabrics and synthetic leather worldwide.

We are constantly expanding. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with our valuable customers, producers and suppliers with whom we have built long lasting relationships.

The current range is to give furniture a contemporary, modern and sleek look, with our furniture fabrics such as velvet (knitted and woven), woven fabrics and artificial leather (PVC leather and PU leather).

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Our Mission

Offering top quality, innovative design, color and design made from the best materials. We are constantly alert to market developments, which we translate directly into our collections.

Cim & T BV has the mission to remain the leading supplier of upholstery fabrics and artificial leather with a strong international culture where customer satisfaction is central.

Our team offers an excellent service by putting the customer first and, if necessary, providing customization tailored to the requirements and wishes of the customer. With our leading collections and customer-oriented approach, we are always there for our customers. Flexibility and speed are our main distinguishing features.

Our Value

Providing our customers with furniture fabrics, decorative fabrics and artificial leather that are tailored to their specific needs and wishes. We are a learning organization. Our team is constantly improving in order to optimally serve our customers

Our approach is based on 4 main concepts:


Cim & T BV promises to meet your expectations. It is our job to deliver products that are tailored to your needs. We achieve this with our balanced collection of fabrics with a wide variation in color, pattern and texture. This makes our collection extremely attractive.


Enthusiastic dynamic team full of new ideas, designs and inspirations to think along with you and to translate your wishes into fabric.

To trust

Trust is the basis for cooperation. Every relationship is built on mutual trust. We have built this trust thanks to our values such as integrity, respect and transparency.


Cim & T BV is a place for versatile upholstery fabrics and artificial leather. We offer a diverse range of furniture textiles, decorative fabrics and artificial leather. With our skilled and qualified team and our varied sustainable collections, we try to serve our partners better.

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As a community, we are all growing more aware of the need of protecting the environment, and as a result, consumers are increasingly looking for and expecting eco-friendly and sustainable options. We at CIM & T BV are dedicated to finding environmentally friendly solutions to our clients' problems and are continually on the lookout for innovative, cutting-edge products.

We're excited to provide a variety of recycled polyester upholstery fabrics that are both stylish and environmentally friendly.
Short for "recycled polyethylene terephthalate," or "recycled polyester," rPET is a polyester material made from recycled plastic bottles. First, the plastic bottles are washed and melted down before being stretched into a delicate, silky, and environmentally friendly yarn.

Why Use recycled fabrics Again?
Environmentally friendly fabrics made from recycled materials have many advantages, including reduced carbon emissions, energy savings, water conservation, and landfill diversion. We also encourage people to think about their clothing choices and how they can help reduce their impact on the environment. By choosing sustainable materials and products, you can make a real difference!